In this section you can learn more about Info Point, whether you are an existing or prospective client. Use the signposts below to search our knowledge base.

What is Info Point?

Info Point is a stand-alone web server that does not require a connection to the Internet. In fact it cannot connect to the internet. It comprises hardware and software. Info Point creates a Wi­Fi accessible ‘local web’ that enables visitors to access a venue’s information and interpretive content via the browser on their mobile device(s) e.g. smartphone, tablet, laptop.

Entirely self-­contained, Info- Point does not use phone signals, or internet access. By following Wi­Fi and web browsing standards, it is user ­friendly, compatible with any device, and strongly futureproofed.

Info Point hardware

An Info Point comes as a complete and ready-to-use unit comprising:

  • A specialist computer motherboard
  • Solid state storage for software and content
  • A WiFi hardware module
  • A power adaptor
  • An enclosure suitable for indoor or sheltered outdoor use
  • An external RP-SMA WiFi connector and antenna

The ventilated case (with insect mesh protection) of a Info Point should be suitable for most applications but we recommend:

  • The unit is protected from direct exposure to the elements, including direct sunlight
  • A shed, outbuilding or wooden box may offer suitable protection for outdoor applications
  • Route cables in a downward direction from the unit so that gravity pulls any water away from the unit
  • Always use the supplied stand-off mountings to ensure adequate ventilation (at least 10mm) behind the unit

An Info Point Extender doesn’t contain a server. Instead it links to an Info Point to extend the range of the system, sharing the same content.

Info Point software

Internally, Info Points contain a complex set of software that has been set up to appear as a standard website server. Users connected to the Info Point’s WiFi can easily find the website content using their ordinary web browser. This device does not ‘push’ content to user’s mobile devices. It works because users want to find the content.

One of our first upgrades when purchasing the Info Point business in late 2020 was to build a custom CMS – replacing the original Drupal CMS – tailored specifically for our customers needs. Our CMS provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for uploading content without the need for any special technical skills. Remote CMS training is included as part of an Info Point purchase.

We are continually developing Info Point and extending its capabilities. We are interested in understanding any requirements that you have in order to see if they could become part of our development roadmap.

Info Point is built using open source software and we gratefully acknowledge the work and the licenses under which that work has been published. Copies of the licences are also embedded within the Info-Point in accordance with the various requirements set out within those licenses.

As with any computer-based product some non-free, non open source software has been used at the firmware level. These software packages have been incorporated under proprietary licenses, copies of which are typically embedded with the code.

Generally, you may use or resell this product as you wish but the licenses still apply if you resell. You can edit or adapt the open source code as long as you still apply the licences to any derivatives and make your edits available.