old cremation urn

3D models

Info Point now supports 3D models with interactive hotspots to help bring your stories to life.

magnifying glass over the phrase http://domain

Choosing a domain name

Choosing a domain name for Info Point is not the same process as choosing one for a website. Follow these…

how village churches thrive book held in hand with church in background

How Village Churches Thrive

'How Village Churches Thrive' provides practical advice for those who work or worship in a village church and features case…

two solar panels mounted on building with wetland and blue sky

What’s the best way to secure solar panels?

Discover the most common types of brackets used in solar panel installations and what their unique advantages and disadvantages are.

Info Point in church

Does my church need a faculty?

We've been in touch with Church Building Advisors to ask whether your church needs a faculty to install an Info…

Creating the perfect visitor welcome

It is vital to ensure your visitors feel welcomed when they arrive at your church. Follow these steps to make…

Info Point on a wooden shelf outdoors

What is an Info Point?

Info Point enhances your visitors' experience with rich media content delivered to any mobile device. Containing a mini computer and…

interactive church tour floor plan of St Barnabas Church, Brampton Bryan

Creating an interactive image

Create your own interactive Info Point map or floor plan following this tutorial

black headphones used in an audio tour

What is an audio guide or tour?

Audio guides or tours are great ways to bring history alive. They're also a fun way to explore new places.…

solar powered info point sign in bedlinog

What is an interpretation board?

An interpretation board is a visual tool used by historical and cultural sites to help visitors understand what they hear…

phone held up to qr code on bedlinog digital sign to access Info Point content

Is Info Point secure?

The simple answer is yes, Info Point is very secure and in this guide we’ll delve into some of the…