1. Does your Info Point have power? 

Currently, Info Points do not have a visible power light to indicate if it is receiving power, but if you can see a Wi-Fi network called ‘Info-Point’ on your device then power is confirmed. If not: 

  • Is there power lead correctly fitted to the Info Point (into the socket with the serial code sticker next to it)? 
  • Is the external power supply e.g. socket working? Can you try another device in the power supply and/or plug Info Point into a different socket and retest.

If the power supply works for other devices please contact Wildfi.

2. Is your device’s mobile data turned on?

Phones etc are designed to try and connect to the internet where possible, so given a choice between mobile internet and the Info Point network it will go for the former because Info Point is not connected to the world wide web/internet. Info Point creates its own localised Wi-Fi network, with a limited range, that only contains the content saved to the unit.

Try turning off your mobile data:

  • iOS – go to the Settings app and tap ‘Cellular’
  • Android – The fastest way to disable cellular data on most Android phones is by using the data setting in the phone’s control panel.
    • Swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the phone’s control panel. You may need to swipe down again to see more of the quick-access buttons. 
    • Tap ‘Mobile data’
    • Alternatively. open the Settings app > Connections > Data Usage

3.Can you see and connect to the Info-Point Wi-Fi network?

This is even if it says “not connected to internet” (or similar)

  • I can’t see it – check power (go back to step 1)
  • I can see it but can’t connect – are there other Wi-Fi networks available that your phone automatically connects to e.g. work Wi-Fi?
    • Yes – open the other network(s) and select ‘Forget’ (so long as you know the password to connect to it afterwards). Now open a browser and type in the Info Point’s URL e.g. http://infopoint.lan (this will have been shared with you when the Info Point was originally shipped). Can you view the Info Point’s content?
    • Your Info Point is set to channel 11 by default. Is another network dominating this channel?
    • If you are still experiencing issues please contact Wildfi

4.The connection drops or videos are slow to play if I walk a few metres away.

  • Is the supplied antenna connected to the brass thread on the outside of the Info Point?
  • Is the supplied antenna positioned vertically (Likewise for any Extenders you may have)
  • Does your set up use an antenna extension cable? Is it connected to the info Point and antenna correctly?
  • Do you have another antenna you could test with? Ensure it is RP-SMA (not just SMA)
  • Where is the Info Point positioned? Has it been moved since installation? If so, do you have the Info Point and Extenders (if applicable) located in the right order?
  • Are there trees, damp walls or metal structures nearby/between you and the Info Point? Water and metal (including ferro-concrete) can disrupt/block Wi-Fi signals.
  • Is the Info Point positioned above head height? Is it in line of sight of any associated Extenders?
  • Could there be interference from non-Wi-Fi radio sources e.g. microwave, cordless phones, powerful transmitters)?
  • Does the Info Point work correctly if tried somewhere else e.g. at home?

If the problem persists then please do get in touch.