Most people we speak to express a strong interest in buying Info Point. However, many organisations don’t have the money available to make a purchase without applying for additional funding. ‘Funding fatigue’ is another factor.

So, let us source and apply for funding on your behalf. Read on to learn: 

Large restoration projects

Info Point can be included as one element in large-scale funding applications linked to the restoration of a building or landscape. Many funders expect heritage interpretation to be included in a bid and Info Point hits the spot for this purpose. Info Point can serve two key roles:

  • Keep visitors informed of restoration work as it happens, even if part of the project area is not open to the public
  • Share stories relating to the place, its environs and the local community

Because it is so easy to add content to Info Point you can keep visitors updated with a few clicks, sharing information about the project timeline and current progress, plus what has been discovered along the way. Info Point can also be used once any work is complete to provide self-guided tours and engaging content that will enhance the visitor experience – all via their own phone or a fixed tablet. St Barnabas in Brampton Bryan successfully incorporated an Info Point into their funding bid for this purpose.

church covered in scaffolding

Stand alone Info Point projects

Info Point on a wooden shelf outdoors

Why not apply solely for a grant to enhance the visitor experience, utilising Info Point products and the associated consultancy services we offer? A project of this kind is a great way to engage the local community to participate in research, workshops and storytelling. The resulting work can then be shared on Info Point for visitors to discover.

These Info Point-focussed projects can be delivered quickly and provide a clutter-free way to share your rich stories. Many applicants include a fixed touchscreen tablet for visitors to use and our Info Point Solar is perfect for use outdoors in nature reserves and other green spaces including parks and graveyards.

How long does it take to get funding for a project?

The time it takes from submitting a grant application to being accepted can be anything upwards of eight weeks. Projects looking for larger sums of money e.g. over £10,000 will take longer and the application process is likely to be more detailed. Very large projects may need a preliminary phase that will pay for professional consultancy to plan and cost your project.

Funding support team

We offer a number of different packages that take away the daunting task of applying for funds because we will do the work on your behalf.

Our funding team have many years experience successfully applying for heritage-related funds, particularly for churches. Why not get in touch to request our funding support brochure and learn how we can help offer you the tools and services to enhance your visitor experience AND find you the money to deliver it!

The process is simple. We’ll send you a short questionnaire to complete. We follow this up with a meeting (online or face-to-face) to ‘add the meat to the bones’. Next, we prepare a draft application detailing how the project will be delivered. The application is then submitted once you have reviewed it and filled in any blanks e.g. visitor numbers. Letters of support from e.g. locals schools, businesses, parish councils always help a bid.

Get in touch to discuss funding

Request our funding support brochure

Why are offering this funding support service?

It’s a good question and a simple one to answer. We are aware most sites that welcome visitors would like Info Point, but when it comes down to brass tacks paying the bills takes priority. We also know many organisations aren’t overflowing with money, far from it. As we mentioned above we know funding fatigue is a real thing. So, we realised that to increase sales of Info Point we needed to offer a comprehensive support package that did all the ‘heavy lifting’. We’ve recruited heritage specialists that intimately understand our products and the funding process.

Through an Info Point grant bid, your organisation benefits from new interpretation of your heritage and a better visitor experience through an exciting community-focussed programme. We benefit from delivering the project and seeing our product help your church. It’s a ‘win-win!’ situation.

Get in touch to discuss funding

Request our funding support brochure

What are the different types of funding available?

phone and pen sat on pad on a desk. Net curtains across a window hang behind

There are a wide range of heritage grants available, and the most appropriate one will depend on your requirements. Below we have listed a few options that have been successfully used to buy an Info Point. Each grant has its own objectives.

Don’t worry, we’ll advise on the most appropriate fund we will apply to if you opt into using our funding support.