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Info Point is an approved Church of England Parish Buying product. Through Parish Buying you will receive a discount on selected Info Point hardware.

Have you ever wished you could share the fascinating stories of your church with visitors, just like those captivating audio tours you’ve experienced at historic houses and museums? Info Point make that possible!

With Info Point, you can deliver unique multimedia content straight to any mobile device offering your visitors exclusive insights that are only available at your church. You can create interactive tours, fun games and puzzles effortlessly using our PlaceMaker Content Builder. Your visitors can also enjoy videos, audio, text, images and even 3D models without needing to download anything, log in, or use mobile data. It can even facilitate donations too!

You’ll find Info¬† Points in many churches, museums and outdoor spaces.

Please quote your Parish Buying discount code in your message when making your enquiry.

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What is Info Point?